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Blackbrry vs Iphone 性能对比  

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The iPhone MenaceOnly the BlackBerrycan save our nation's productivity.

By Paul Boutin
Posted Thursday, Sept. 6, 2007, at 2:43 PMET Blackbrry vs Iphone 性能对比 - liblog - Liblog 第九传媒

On Wednesday, Apple cut the price of its top-of-the-line iPhone from awallet-breaking $599 to a less-terrifying $399. This pricereduction comes as reports have emerged that July sales of theiPhone outnumbered those of all other smartphones combined. With mybattered, aging BlackBerry on its last legs, I went back to theApple store to try to join the crowd and sell myself on tradingbrands. But after a few hours of side-by-sidecomparisons, I'm convinced more than ever that the iPhone isn't thedevice for me. I'll be replacing my BlackBerry with ... anotherBlackBerry.

The iPhone is definitely a cool, sexy gadget. As I wrote in January, it's lessa phone packed with extras than a full-fledged computer for yourpocket. Its big display and touchscreen interface make Web surfingand video watching a whole lot easier than on any other smartphone.It bundles support for Gmail, AOL, and Yahoo! Mail. It doubles asan iPod. It does YouTube. And it's even more hackable than aBlackBerry. Along with this week's price drop, Apple has added abuilt-in iTunes Music Store, so you can buy and download trackswhenever you're in range of a Wi-Fi network. At $400, an iPhone isincredibly tempting.

But in my career as a writer, I need my phone to do work. I havetight deadlines, and I need to communicate with lots of people in ahurry. When I'm in a tight spot, my BlackBerry always helps me out.It also sends a subtle signal to my correspondents that I'm gettinga lot done. An e-mail that says "Sent from my BlackBerry" gives theimpression that you're on the move but still chained to work,e-mailing from the elevator. An e-mail that says "Sent from myiPhone" conjures an image of a doofus who wants you to know he hasan iPhone. More important, the BlackBerry packs three crucialfeatures that leave iPhone owners fumbling behind me.

Blackbrry vs Iphone 性能对比 - liblog - Liblog 第九传媒Blackbrry vs Iphone 性能对比 - liblog - Liblog 第九传媒Blackbrry vs Iphone 性能对比 - liblog - Liblog 第九传媒 Blackbrry vs Iphone 性能对比 - liblog - Liblog 第九传媒

The keyboard. The BlackBerry keyboard is an engineering wonder. Ihave a model with a full QWERTY keyboard rather than a downsizedphone pad, and I can thumb-type my editor withone hand while hanging off the side of a San Francisco cable carwith the other. iPhone's virtual on-screen keyboard is a whole lotcooler, but it loses its luster as soon as you have to meet adeadline. After hours of practice—the trick is to tap the virtualkeys lightly with your fingertips, rather than trying to pressdown—I still mistype my own name.

The iPhone's built-in spellchecker adds to the confusion. Italternates between correcting words I don't want it to correct—myfriend's nickname markc gets auto-corrected tomarks—and somehow letting brazen errors slip through: Ijust sent an e-mail "from the Apple Stpre."

No matter how much I practice, I still need to stare at thetouchscreen to type correctly. I'm sure there's someone out therewho can iPhone with his eyes closed, but I've yet to meet him.Touch-typing BlackBerry users, meanwhile, are everywhere, thumbingaway behind steering wheels or with their hands tucked under theconference table during meetings. Sure, we're a highway menace, butwe're productive.

Contacts. In my career, fast personalnetworking is as important as fast computer networking. I've set upmy BlackBerry with a hot button to jump to my contacts in midcallor mid-email. The iPhone's home screen, on the other hand, includesYouTube and Stocks but not the Contacts app. When you do find it, you can't do a quick search—youcan only browse your contacts by first or lastname.* Thislooks fantastic if you have 24 contacts but falls apart when you'vegot 240 and aren't good at remembering people's last names. Really,anything beats having to scroll through 300 names with myfinger.

AutoText. This is the secret genius featurethat puts the BlackBerry over the top. On both SMS and e-mail, myBlackBerry lets me create my own shorthand. For example, if I typesl and then press the spacebar, the slautomatically changes to Slate, saving mefrom having to reach for the Shift key and three extra letters.While hustling down the sidewalk, I can quickly thumb "il mt u n cnat the ca st ccc" to send the message "I'll meet you and Christinaat the California Street cable car." Rather than resort to childishSMS argot ("c u @ cbl cr k?"), I can type for five seconds, yetstill get my point across in full-length, clear English.

The iPhone does have two advantages I wish BlackBerry would catchup with. First, it's a true multitasking computer. If I try to loada Web page on my BlackBerry browser while I'm in the middle of aphone call, I get an error message telling me to wait until thecall is done. The iPhone can use a Wi-Fi connection to let me surfwhile still talking. Second, Apple forced AT&T to break withtradition on voicemail. The iPhone's Visual Voicemail feature lets iPhone users scana text list of all voicemail messages in their inbox and jump toany of them in any order. AT&T won't let me do that on aBlackBerry. Neither will anyone else.

Aside from the obvious benefits of Visual Voicemail, it's hardto conjure a scenario in which any of the iPhone's gee-whizfeatures will help you get any work done. Multitouch is fun to play around with, and it's neatto rotate the screen from portrait to landscape. I'm skeptical thateither feature will ever help me meet a deadline. Apple hasn't yetsucceeded in turning its fetish object into a productivity tool,but BlackBerry's maker, Research in Motion, has done the reverse.The company made its business tool into a fetish object by startingwith functionality (check out the original model) and gradually growing into sexy shapeslike the Pearl and the Curve.

While I can't imagine ditching my BlackBerry for an iPhone, I'mclearly in the minority. That worries me. Whenever I visit a techcompany here in Silicon Valley, the work focus is inevitablydisrupted by some dork who whips out his Apple phone for a demo.(Yes, I've seen the thing you can do with two fingers on thephotos. No, I don't want to see it again.) If the sales stats meanthat professionals are replacing their handsets en masse, iPhonecould be the biggest productivity hit to American business sincethat Dancing Baby video. We've got to do something—butfirst let me take this call.

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