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新闻评论: Get him a Bulls uniform, fellas: 芝加哥热盼科比加盟  

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The first story on Chicogo Sun-Times about Mr 81's potentialmove to Bulls.

ForgetPlan A, go get Kobe

Paxson,Skiles have Bulls on a nice growth track, but to move up to bannerlevel, they need a megastar, and Lakers' Bryant is available

October 14,2007
BY JAY MARIOTTI Sun-TimesColumnist

It's all very cute and likeable,this lab experiment by John Paxson. Big Ben Wallace gets to wear aheadband despite his coach's no-headband rule. Joakim Noah, cartooncharacter, fetches doughnuts for veterans and tries to improve anugly shot by strapping a paddle to his hand. Ben Gordon did Pilatesover the summer, Kirk Hinrich got married. Andres Nocioni hustles,Luol Deng flows.

But I also know that Kevin Garnettended up in Boston, not in the United Center. Which means the Bullswon't be reaching the NBA Finals for the 10th straight year, aftergoing there and winning six of the previous eight years.

This is not to agonize over a nice,efficient, 50-win team that probably will make the EasternConference semifinals again and lose again. All I'm saying is thatwhen the next-closest facsimile to Michael Jordan demands a trade,then tells everyone from close friends to homemade-Internet-videogeeks that he'd like to play for the Bulls -- then hears the otherday that his owner indeed will consider trading him -- well, I'vegot one message for Paxson.

Kobe Bryant is available. And hewants to come to Chicago.

Go get him, boy.

The Bulls want us to believe they'reon an incremental journey toward an NBA title. Hate to break thenews, but they're not. They are what they are, a feisty team withan old-school coach, a budding All-Star in Deng, a continuingproject in Ty Thomas, a $60 million disappointment in Wallace, alot of hustlers and bangers and two small guards who sometimes maketheir jumpers and often miss them. That's all very nice -- but notvery exhilarating in the shadow of title banners and Grant Parkparties.

What is exhilarating is thecontinuing possibility that Bryant will be traded by the LosAngeles Lakers, with owner Jerry Buss now acknowledging that he''will certainly listen'' to trade offers for the sport's mostexciting and frustrated player. ''At any time, I think you have todo that with anybody,'' Buss said. ''It's just part of the game.You can't keep too many loyalties. You've got to look at it as abusiness. He looks at it the same way I look at it.''

The door isopen wide

This is what's called unlocking adeadbolt and cracking open the door to one of the biggest deals insports history. Bryant spent the summer making ultimatums,demanding a trade if the Lakers didn't dramatically improve amediocre team that hasn't won a playoff series since ShaquilleO'Neal was traded. When Garnett went to the Celtics and JermaineO'Neal stayed in Indiana, Bryant had his empty answer frommanagement. He also received surprising public support from hisformer nemesis and critic, coach Phil Jackson, who said Kobe wasright to demand more talent. But none of that mattered until Bussagreed to hear trade offers.

Now, the L.A. media is convincedBryant is on the trade market. Wrote columnist Bill Plaschke in theTimes: ''What Buss said ... about Kobe Bryant was breathtakinglyclear. He said goodbye.'' And in a league where few teams have thepieces to make a deal that would appease Buss, which club has aready-made package? That would be the Bulls, who could ship Thomasand Gordon as centerpieces and, for the Lakers' sake, keep Bryantout of the Western Conference. More important, Kobe has made nosecret of telling people, repeatedly, that his first option isChicago. We laughed a few years ago when he took a recruiting triphere as a free agent, searching for real estate on the North Shorebefore re-upping with the Lakers. But since then, Bryant frequentlyhas voiced his respect for Paxson and convinced us his interest isreal. And if you don't believe that, how about the infamous videoat a southern California shopping mall?

Fan: ''Please tell us you'restaying!''

Kobe: ''Get a Bulls uniform,fellas.''

Fan: ''Are you serious?''

Kobe: ''Yep.''

Fan: ''It's not worth it, Kobe. Yougot to stay.''

Kobe: ''Dr. Buss is an idiot.''

Get a Bulls uniform, fellas? Hedidn't say Knicks, Heat or Sixers. He said Bulls. In a major marketthat deserves marquee athletes in every franchise, it would behoovePaxson to fall out of his love with his youth brigade and makeBryant his obsession. I don't know about you, but I'm tired oflooking at the Jordan statue and reminiscing about the dynasty.There never will be another MJ, but to see Bryant succeed himalmost a decade a later in his building would be a preciousexperience in American sports. And the crazy thing is, it'sdo-able, as long as Paxson can reconcile abandoning his five-yearreconstruction project.

A must fortop rung

He has done a fine, methodical jobin cleaning up the mess of Jerry Krause. But without Garnett or alow-post scorer such as Pau Gasol, this team won't becomeappreciably better despite noise from Vegas and a few publicationsthat the Bulls can win the East. Paxson is optimistic aboutprogress, saying, ''We've kept our core together. Some have saidit's not the right thing to do, but we've done it. Continuity wasalways something I was comfortable with when I played. It hasvalue. But it's not the be-all and end-all -- I understand that,too.''

On my hoops planet, the championshipis the be-all and end-all. Paxson wants it, too, but how abouttrying it with Bryant instead of an erratic Gordon, a raw Thomasand other pieces? Yes, Kobe will demand a long-term fortune. Butthe Bulls still can have a hell of a supporting cast by keepingsome combination of Deng, Hinrich, Noah, Wallace, Nocioni, ThaboSefalosha and Joe Smith. As currently constituted, they can't beatBoston, Detroit and LeBron James, much less win an NBA title. WithKobe, they become the marquee team in basketball, the way it usedto be around here.

''If he's still in that frame ofmind,'' Buss said of his sulking superstar, ''then hopefully we cando a sign-and-trade and get some comparable talent.''

That needs no translation. It's justa matter of whether Paxson wants to do it his way -- old-schoolT-E-A-M -- or the quick-grab, razzmatazz, Kobe way. What ol' JohnnyJumpshot needs to understand is that the big picture is about morethan basketball; it's about buzz, sizzle, show business.

So get a Bulls uniform, fellas.That'd be No. 24, or 23 plus one.

The second story on Chicogo Tribune. Concise, short but morepowerful.

No Bull: Time to get Kobe

Mike Downey
In the wake of the news
October 18, 2007

新闻评论: Get him a Bulls uniform, fellas: 芝加哥热盼科比加盟 - liblog - Liblog 第九传媒

Go into a mall, stopa shopper and ask if he or she thinks Kobe Bryant ought to be aBull.

Is Kobe the best active player in basketball? Yes, he is.

Is Kobe the best player since Michael Jordan? Yes, he probablyis.

Is Kobe as good asJordan was? No, he is not. Michael could play defense.

Is Kobe as popular as Jordan was? No way. Pop into a Foot Locker atthat mall and try to buy a pair of Air Bryant shoes.

I bring up the Bulls because, as you may know, Kobe and his boss,Jerry Buss, could be looking for a way to get the glitziest Lakerout of L.A.

I bring up the mall because Kobe was at a California mall in Junewhen he extemporaneously mentioned the Bulls in a positive way andBuss in a negative one.

A brief give-and-take between a few shoppers and Bryant reportedlywent like so, according to a camera that captured it:

"Please tell us you're staying."

Kobe: "Get a Bulls uniform, fellas."

"Are you serious?"

Kobe: "Yep."


Kobe: "Yep."

"Kobe, you've got to stay!"

Kobe: "Dr. Buss is an idiot."

It was back in May that the fur first began to fly. Kobe said onStephen A. Smith's radio show: "I would like to be traded, yeah.Tough as it is to come to that conclusion, there's no otheralternative, you know?"

Then he clarified on kb24.com, his Web site: "I have NOT asked tobe traded. I don't want to be traded and I have given no ultimatumsor demands of being traded."

He and Buss got together in Spain a few weeks later to hash it out.Buss did not say adios.

No idiot, the boss urged Bryant to stay in L.A. because "to leave10 million sweethearts for unknown territory might not be the rightthing to do."

Ah, but it was Buss who let Shaquille O'Neal leave for the unknownterritory of Miami, where he won another championship.

It is now mid-October but things in California are no cooler. Bussnow says he "would certainly listen" to a trade offer. Bryantclaimed this "caught me off guard a little bit."

Bryant began skipping practice. One day, then two, then a third. Arumor spread that he cleaned out his locker. Coach Phil Jacksonsaid, well, yes and no. He cleaned up hislocker, yes. But not out.

Intercepted near his Bentley in the parking lot, Bryant was askedpoint-blank: "Do you think you've played your last game as aLaker?"

"I don't know," he replied. Talk to my bosses, he advised.

At kb24.com, there wasn't much in the way of news Wednesday. A fewwords of wisdom from former Gen. Colin Powell were there thatBryant said he distributed to every teammate's locker.

There also were e-mails from No. 24's fans. Sent months ago, butstill on his site:

"Freshen things up a little, go to Philly or Chi-town, or rock theBig Apple."

"If indeed you are heading to Chi-town, I will be right behindyou."

Encouraging words from Kobe's fans, many encouraging Kobe toleave.

A number of NBA insiders believe the Dallas Mavericks actuallywould be Kobe's first choice if he left. But rarely does thissubject come up without Chicago being in the mix.

Buss is saying for the first time he would listen to offers.

He is saying specifically: "I could not afford to let him go unlesswe get comparable talent ... if there is such a thing."

Ask yourself if there is an offer the Bulls could make. Askyourself what it would take.

Is Kobe worth sacrificing any two players plus a draft pick or two?Yes, he is.

Is Kobe good enough to bring Chicago another championship? Yes,probably.

Is Kobe too expensive? No, he is not. Ben Wallace cost the Bulls amint but brought them no closer to a championship.

Shoppers, there is a blue-light special on the best player inbasketball.

Find out how much L.A. wants for him. I very much doubt Jerry Bussis an idiot, but it would be idiotic not to give him a call. Askthe asking price for No. 24. Take a shot.

He may be no Michael Jordan, but a Kobe Bryant does not come alongevery day.

Get him into a Bulls uniform, fellas.


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