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Feng shui (pronounced "fung schway") evolved from the observation that people are profoundly affected-for better or worse-by their surroundings.
Feng shui (literally, "wind and water") is the ancient Chinese practice of placement and arrangement of space to achieve harmony with the surrounding environment.


A seat opposite to the door will bring illness.


座位后面宜有靠(墙或柜),不能背着门或走道。人的后脑为脑波放射区,也是人体感应气场最敏感的部位之一;因此,座位的后方最好是固定、 不动的东西;如果背后有人走动,容易让人精神不集中,无形中把一部分注意力转到后脑,长久下来会消耗掉能量,影响工作效率和健康。



Feng shui is neither superstition, philosophy, religion, nor New Age.

It's practical and has been working effectively for about three thousand years. But don't take my word for it. Companies like AT&T, British Airways, Microsoft, Hewlett-Packard, Logitech, Midland Bank, The Wall Street Journal, and Donald Trump have all applied feng shui to their businesses.

When practiced correctly, feng shui is well known to improve wealth, business opportunities, health, relationships, career, and more. It can certainly improve your home office.




座位不能在复印机或计算机的后方。复印机和计算机的外溢磁场比较强,如座位靠太近或在计算机正后方,久了容易影响到本身的磁场,造成身心 方面的障碍,间接地也会影响运势。最好是保持距离,不然在中间放盆阔叶植物也可不,但植物要定期更换,否则也会变成第二个污染源。








座位正上方不能有大梁或吊灯。人的头顶虽然没有长眼睛,但对头顶的东西也特别敏感,总怕上面会有东西掉下来;因此,如果你知道你座位上 方有梁或吊灯,你的潜意识无形中就会武装起来,随时准备保护自己,久了你会耗掉很多能量,没作多少事就累得半死。可以的话,移一下位子吧!



Apart from general office arrangement, your desk and sitting arrangement are the next important things to consider:

  • Place your desk diagonally across from the doorway for a clear line of vision.
  • Position the desk with your back to a wall or corner for a sense of security.
  • Don't put the desk directly in line with the door, either facing it or with it to your side.
  • Don't put the desk flat up against a window so that you face directly out.
  • Don't put the desk so that your back is against a full wall of windows.
  • Position your desk facing into the room rather than facing a wall.
  • Don't place your desk in the center of the room-you will lose power and authority.
  • Do not have clutter in the office-it's important to keep desks tidy and clutter free.


图像 “http://www.fengshuinatural.com/Imagenes/Lirever.jpg” 因其本身有错无法显示。

  • Create as many different ways to enter the front door as possible.
  • Paint or treat your porch and front door in colors that express success for you.
  • Put a bowl of water on the front porch. This draws people to your office.
  • Every morning prepare a chair for your client (s) to sit in. If you do this, they will come!
  • Have something to give your clients to take with them (promotional giveaways).
  • Sit in the corner farthest from the entrance; have a "command" position.
图像 “http://www.cartoonstock.com/newscartoons/cartoonists/ksm/lowres/ksmn1016l.jpg” 因其本身有错无法显示。
  • Business will symbolically come to you through the door, so don't turn your back on it.
  • Don't sit in line with the door, as you will be in the path of negative energy.
  • Don't sit looking straight out into a corridor, stairs, closets, storage, or toilets.
  • Keep your back toward a corner or a wall (like a mountain) for support.
  • Sit with a tall building or mountain behind you if your back is to a window.
图像 “http://www.dkimages.com/discover/previews/865/20487171.JPG” 因其本身有错无法显示。
  • Place an aquarium or tabletop fountain in the East, North, or Southeast.
  • Don't have any mirrors in your office, as they can reflect negative energy.
  • Treat your files with respect-they represent your past, present, and future business.
  • Keep equipment cords well hidden, eliminating clutter allowing the free flow of chi.
  • Keep the area around your phone clean and well organized. Clean your phone regularly.
Feng Shui

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