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Liblog : 9th media

新媒体创意工场 Socal Engage & Digital Marketing




可口可乐贩卖机又来了— 一次Social Branding 的艰难尝试  

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可口可乐贩卖机又来了— 一次Social Branding 的艰难尝试 - liblog - Liblog:the 9th media

可口可乐是king of marketing , 也是社交媒体营销的高手。其中,创意十足的贩卖机,无论是整蛊唱歌还是激情拥抱,都让Open Happiness 活灵活现。但今天的贩卖机却不同,这个创意并非来自可口可乐,而是来自MAS。 

这个贩卖机想表达的不仅仅是happiness, 而是希望从新的角度诠释可口可乐的品牌和价值。这个名为“全球机器”的家伙,主要作用是能接受世界各国的货币,让那些即将结束旅行的旅客花掉剩余的外国硬币。

你可能觉得这个创意缺乏最基本的互动设计。而且硬币识别的技术也是一个问题。这也反映了现在新媒体互动的一个困境,虽然crowsourcing 已经被更多的营销和公关同学接受,着眼于企业价值观的social branding 以及social media brand-building campaigns远没有product marketing那样在新媒体领域做得风声水起。


这个问题的解决仁者见仁,不同的企业有不同的答案。但是我们必须了解,social branding 和 social marketing 需要整合,而不是像现在一样彼此割裂。


Silver Best use of social media or viral

Unilver . Lynx      

Brand-Building Social Media Strategy                                                                                                     

How did the campaign make a difference? The Lynx social media strategy is as simple as it is powerful: keep Lynx in fans’ minds on a daily basis, and build brand love through the creation of quick-win, reactive, relevant and entertaining content. The Facebook fan base has doubled to one million fans in a year and engagement levels have risen by 300%.

What details of the strategy make this a winning entry? With hundreds of thousands of Facebook fans willing to interact with Lynx every day, the brand set about the two-pronged task of keeping Lynx at the front of fans’ minds and instilling love of the brand. For posts to garner true affection, they need to be of a certain quality every time. For Lynx, that meant they should be funny, widely-varied, relevant, ultra-reactive, and always accompanied by a creative image. On Facebook, images are arguably more memorable and instantly likeable than words, so efforts were focused on making them as great as possible. These weren’t the usual stock shots, but individually crafted, press-ad-style productions. The focus on brand love stemmed from the belief that it can be a key driver of repeat purchase and cross-category purchase.

How did creativity bring the strategy to life? The job was to put that instantly recognisable Lynx spin on every piece of content. Using social media allowed a more fluid client-agency relationship: which meant that any idea could be worked up and be live on the page within minutes. A strong, ownable look stayed true to Lynx's cheeky tone of voice throughout, treating each piece as if it were a quick turnaround press ad. Content included a St Patrick’s Day party and an incredibly believable April Fools’ Day prank. But they were the obvious choices: others included Prince Harry's Vegas shenanigans, National Left-handers Day and the iPhone 5 launch. When there was nothing ‘real world’ to talk about, questions got fans thinking about the brand: in a battle between Attract and Excite, which would win? What was the first Lynx product they ever bought? And which can would they take to a desert island?

Results The Facebook fan base doubled in a year, reaching one million by the height of summer, making Lynx the first Unilever brand to reach one million Facebook fans in the UK and Ireland. Engagement levels have gone up 300% compared to the previous year. Peak engagement was with 6.8% of Facebook fans on any one post: well above the industry average of 0.072%.

Bronze Best use of social media or viral

American Express                                                                                                  

Realize the Potential   


How did the campaign make a difference? Turning the American Express brand idea, Realise the Potential, into a TV series and social media programme got people excited about their hidden talents. This reached 8.2 million viewers, created 75,000 fans and 93% of tests were shared.

What details of the strategy make this a winning entry? In 2009, American Express launched Realise the Potential, a 360° comms platform that expresses the belief that life’s richer and more rewarding when untapped potential is set free. The challenge was to communicate this combining social media and a multi-platform approach. The solution was a socially fuelled, advertiser-funded, primetime TV series on Channel 4 called Hidden Talent. The campaign included the TV series, a Channel 4 website and social media channels (Facebook, YouTube and Twitter) to encourage fans to take tests and share the results. The multi-platform approach recognised that people no longer view media in isolation. This wasn’t typical of what consumers expect from a financial services provider. The parts worked together to fuel conversations, increase engagement, gain widespread attention and, ultimately, create uplift in brand perception.

How did creativity bring the strategy to life? Everyone dreams they have a hidden talent. This six-part series showed inspirational stories of real people discovering their talents. Scientific tests, administered by well-known experts, gauged out-of-the-ordinary talents like free-diving, opera singing, mountain climbing and lie detection. People could test themselves at home on a Channel 4 site and an Amex.com landing page; there was a Facebook page with more tests, expert tips, to share results and talk about the show; and a YouTube site to watch extra videos. The belief that everyone has untapped potential was woven into every channel. The result was a branded social experience and a community of enthusiastic brand ambassadors.

Results The campaign received extensive coverage in the national press, online editorial and blogs. It reached 8.2 million viewers and drove one fifth of them online, with a community of 75,000 engaged Facebook fans. 240,000 online tests were taken. 93% of the tests taken on Facebook were shared with Facebook friends and survey results indicate perceptions of American Express as ‘sincere’ and ‘innovative’. Viewers are three times more likely to be aware of the brand proposition and consider it highly appropriate brand, and five times more likely to take out an American Express Card.  

Gold Best customer acquisition campaign


 Supersavvyme and Mission Control App  

How did the campaign make a difference? 15,000 new Supersavvyme Facebook fans were acquired in six weeks by reinventing the to-do list for today's modern, digital mums. Over 84,000 tips were shared in four months, making this app a cost-effective and self-sustaining acquisition vehicle.

What details of the strategy make this a winning entry? Today's modern, multi-tasking mum is under daily pressure to complete all the missions she sets herself. She needs to get stuff done and she's often online, connecting with other mums. Linking these insights meant helping mums get through their to-do list online, together. Supersavvyme is P&G's Facebook community for mums – and Mission Control was the app created for it. Mums can crowdsource tips in real time or search the database for existing solutions. Better still, the app includes tips that tell mums how to get the results they need with P&G products. Soon, mums were helping each other get stuff done in new, fun and rewarding ways and being rewarded with coupons for the products listed on the to-do list – a new, innovative and seamless way to drive fans and product trial.

How did creativity bring the strategy to life? Harnessing social media and their own expertise gave modern mums a 21st-Century to-do list app that serves them tips and advice on how to get jobs done precisely when they need it; lets them crowdsource ideas and advice from other mums; saves the tips and conversations and makes them searchable, creating a database of solutions for whenever they need help; and rewards them when they get things done. Busy mums go online in short bursts, so Mission Control had this multi-tasking behaviour in mind: always-on instant solutions, easy navigation, valuable rewards. It's designed to drive a cycle of creating and sharing content, product trial and long-term purchase. The more a mum participates, and the deeper their engagement, the more they’re rewarded with Stickers for P&G product coupons.

Results The key measurement was an increase in the number of Facebook fans. Mission Control acquired an extra 15,000 fans in just six weeks, against a target of 10,000. Within four months, there was an increase of 30% with no media support. Word of mouth increased over 700%. Over 84,000 tips were shared in four months. Consequently, over 41,000 coupons were unlocked, with a 63% redemption rate, creating a huge peak in sales. An amazing average dwell time of over 18 minutes compared to average website dwell times of 3.33 seconds.

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