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Liblog : 9th media

新媒体创意工场 Socal Engage & Digital Marketing




创意众包: 从IdeaStorm到Put On Smile  

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Video contests on crowdsourcing platforms have exploded in recent years (based on data of the Brand Crowdsourcing Timeline)

创意众包不是一个新的概念,Dell的 IdeaStorm是这个概念的先行者,让消费者提出自己的产品和设计创意, Starbucks的 MyStarbucksIdea更进一步,让创意从下神坛成为生活的一部分, 周后The Netflix Prize 以及乐高的 Lego's invite-only community也是不错的尝试。有兴趣的同学可以自己点击上面的链接,亲自去尝试一下。


GE更是懂得如何玩转创意众包的行家。GE家的Challenge Ecomagination 可能不为大多数人所知,但是这个B2B领域的创意高手的创意众包网站是迄今为止最好玩最有意义的一个。 GE的Challenge包括“如何降低碳排放”, “如何照亮你的房子”等项目。其中“Powering Your Home” 一共搜集了来自全球的800多个创意,从DIY风力发电机创意到整合家庭太阳能发电系统无所不包。如果你是科技爱好者,可以点击这里查看。

创意众包: 从IdeaStorm到Put On Smile - liblog - Liblog:the 9th media

Ogilvy & Mather and Coca Cola figure out another innovative way to make people smile, with "The Wearable Movie." The premise was simple -- thank some of the brand's fans, from the concierge in their Atlanta office, to their millionth fan in Mumbai, using a movie. But to make it special, the agency printed each frame of the movie on a t-shirt, then shipped it off all over the globe to its fans with a note, telling them to wear the shirt, then take a photo. The frames were then stitched together in a Psyop-directed film about about two friends, trying to get a pair of lips to smile. 我怎么就没有收到一件呢。MMM


  • Idea contests

Crowdsourcing can be used to find original and creative ideas for video ads. For example, eYeka has launched several idea contests on behalf of several brands:  Actimel yoghurt from Danone was looking for original stories of how Actimel gives people the inner strength to do great big things. Tapping into the eYeka creative community, members of the crowd were asked to submit their ideas in the form of pictures, slide show presentations, storyboards or other print formats that could bring their ideas to life. Winning ideas came from The Philippines, the Czech Republic, and Hong Kong.

In another contest for Danone’s South African brand Yogi-Sip, the objective was to gather creative ideas to inspire TV advertising around the theme of the coolest way to keep goingThe winning ideas came from Algeria, Ecuador and Portugal! The value from this type of contest comes in brands getting a high number of raw ideas to inspire their advertising.

  • Call for pitches

Crowdsourcing in this model is specific to the search for ideas and for the talents to execute those ideas. Clients post their briefs along with a budget and deadline and participants respond with a “pitch” that presents their ideas and the execution of those ideas. eYeka recently completed a call-for-pitches contest with Carrefour SA in Turkey in their search for ideas to celebrate their 20th Anniversary showing how Carrefour fits so well in the lives of Turkish consumers. The creator’s winning entry was featured as a TV commercial and amplified on social media networks. Carrefour SA worked with him for a variety of marketing projects around this event.

  • Simple contests

This is the most popular form of crowdsourcing. The first crowdsourcing contests, like L’Oréal Paris’ contest in spring 2006 or Doritos’ very first Crash The Super Bowl contest in autumn 2006, fall into this “simple contest” category.  In this scenario, creators offer a solution to a client’s problem by coming up with an idea, then shooting and editing the video, thereby presenting a complete solution to the client’s marketing challenge. Most of the content contests on eYeka fall in this category, like Coca-Cola’s Energizing Refreshment contest, which asked the community to express the “Energizing Refreshment” of Coke in a series of short films: check out the most awesome of them!

  • Stage-based contests

This model breaks down the production process into sub-segments with mini-contests held in each phase.  The American company Tongal is the only player in the crowdsourcing field to use this model: they hold an idea contest, followed by a pitch contest and a video production contest to get finished entries. According to them, this helps increase the diversity of contributors, from average consumers with ideas at the first stage to professional filmmakers at the final stage. An interesting model that is an evolution of crowdsourcing in video advertising.

The evolutions of the contest model allows crowdsourcing platforms to use the creative power of the crowd while lowering the risks that the open contest model implies

Our book chapter explains that simple contests were the first to appear and that other models followed in recent years. eYeka, for example, started organizing simple video contests as early as 2006, held its first idea contest in 2010 and its first call-for-pitch in 2012. “While [the simple contest model] is still a widely used crowdsourcing model, some of these companies have also adopted other crowdsourcing models to accommodate the needs of their existing clients, namely big companies that run global brands,” we explain.

Early forms of crowdsourcing were simple contests to generate buzz. Many creative crowdsourcing platforms started with the simple contest model: eYeka (2006), GeniusRocket, Poptent/ XLNTads (2007), Mofilm (2009), Userfarm (2010). Some have adopted other models since then: eYeka (in 2010) and Userfarm (2012) have started running idea contests; Poptent (in 2010) and Mofilm (in 2012) have launched specific business units to organize call for pitches; GeniusRocket (in 2010) dropped the simple contest model to focus on a form of call for pitches called “curated crowdsourcing;” and Tongal (in 2009) has pioneered the stage-based contest approach.

Early forms of crowdsourcing were simple contests to generate buzz. Today, we see a variety of crowdsourcing models coexist

The future for crowdsourcing in the production of video advertising is bright.  Given the difficulty of churning out a steady stream of new and engaging content, crowdsourcing ideas and content is increasingly the preferred tool in advertisers’ tool-kiteYeka, with a 250,000 strong creative community coming from 154 countries is well-positioned to help marketers and advertisers in their search for original, high-quality consumer content.

The eYeka approach

The eYeka approach

Go to www.eyeka.com to check our latest contests. The crowdsourcing revolution is underway and we are proud to drive it!


  • Crowdsourcing in the Production of Video Advertising: The Emerging Roles of Crowdsourcing Platforms (SSRN, chapter preprint)
  • Book Series on Business Innovation and Disruption in Film, Video and Photography (forthcoming book co-edited by Robert DeFilippi and Patrik Wikstr?m, published by MediaXXI)
- See more at: http://news.eyeka.net/2013/05/the-rise-of-crowdsourcing-in-video-advertising-production/#sthash.WCzadm1A.dpuf
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